I have been using Explosive Strength Academy's programs for some time now, and I can say that they are very effective. I was able to raise my physical condition to a completely new level, which is evident from my game of volleyball.

Uroš Pavlovič, Silver medalist of European Volleyball Championship 2015

I have been using Explosive Strength Academy's methods under the supervision of coach Oliver for several years now, and even more seriously in the last season. I am an athlete, my specialty is 100m and 200m sprint. In 2016 I won the state championship on 100 meters sprint between Seniors, and I was not yet 20 years old yet.

My personal record on 100-m sprint is 10.64 seconds. Thanks to Explosive Strength Academy's methods I have made an impressive progress from 11.21 s to 10.64 s, in a relatively short time (one year).

Enej Leban, State champion on 100m

Volleyball is my life and I can not imagine living without it. If I want to be able to play at the highest level, I have to devote a lot of training time for the development of explosive and absolute power. Explosive Strength Academy's programs are the right choice!

Kiryl Krasnievski, Belorus volleyball national team member

During my active career I was competing in long and triple jump. I used Explosive Strength Academy's programs for several years. My biggest successes were 3rd place at the World U18 Championship, 5th place at the World U20 Championships, and 3rd at the European U23 Championships - all in the triple-jump. My personal record in the triple jump is 13.75 meters and 6.18 meters in long jump.

I think that with Explosive Strength Academy's programs, dedications, and appropriate eating habits, huge transformation of body is possible which results in major improvements of one's physical capability. I can say this from my own experience.

Maja Bratkič, Triple jump athlete

It is essential to maximize explosive power to play almost any sport effectively. Development of explosive power requires proper methods, a lot of knowledge and effort. Therefore I trust the Explosive Strength Academy's team the most, because they cover all of it.

Daniel Rocamora, Spain volleyball national team member

I have been practicing athletics under supervision of an Explosive Strength Academy's coach for two years now. Before that I practiced basketball and at 1.90m, I could hardly dunk the ball. In these two years I have progressed a lot. While I play basketball only occasionally now to spice up the exercise of athletics, I can dunk easily. I can even touch the ring with my elbow.

Explosive Strength Academy's programs helped me greatly to improve my vertical leap, speed and explosiveness. I can confirm that it works!

Jakob Murovec, Sprinter

I have been competing in the decathlon for many years. I train regularly following the verified methods of Explosive Strength Academy and my results are improving from year to year. It is interesting that due to progress in absolute and explosive power, I am also better at 1500m run, although I do almost nothing for developing aerobic endurance. Explosive Strength Academy's programs are certainly efficient, still, they need to be used over a longer period so the progress becomes more and more obvious.

Urban Čehovin, State champion in decathlon

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  • I have been using Explosive Strength Academy's methods under the supervision of coach Oliver for several years now, and even more seriously in the...

    - Enej Leban,
    State champion on 100m

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