This explosive strength bundle is a series of five training plans designed to help you improve your explosive strength needed in almost every sport. The bundle includes:

  • The Olympic weightlifting beginners program for all the athletes that are not using extremely beneficial Olympic weightlifting exercises yet and want to learn/improve the technique of the lifts;
  • The Hypertrophy program, which is important because of its muscle growth and joint protection function;
  • TWO Strength Builder programs for development of absolute and explosive power; focus is on the concentric part of the movement;
  • The Plyometrics program – a combination of fitness and athletics designed for development of the elastic/relative power.

The use of all of the methods mentioned above gives you an advantage over practicing with just one training method during preparation period. The adoption of the body to the stress is better if you change workout methods regularly. With Explosive Strength BUNDLE you will achieve better physical preparation, better explosiveness, faster sprints, higher jump, etc.

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  • During my active career I was competing in long and triple jump. I used Explosive Strength Academy's programs for several years. My biggest...

    - Maja Bratkič,
    Triple jump athlete

Disclaimer: Results will not come without dedication and hard work. This is not a "get explosive, fast and strong quickly" scheme. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational purposes only.