Olympic Weightlifting - Beginner


Technique Coordination Range of Motion

This 4-week long dynamic and fun program is dedicated to learning different variations of Olympic weightlifting.

It is suitable for everyone who would like to perfect their weightlifting technique – from complete beginners, recreational athletes, to professionals and serious competitors.

The program is not physically challenging, because it focuses on correct executions of Snatch, Clean, Jerk and other important exercises rather than building up the strength to lift as much as possible. It is possible to combine it with another more physically challenging training program, such as our Hypertrophy program.

There are 4 training units a week. Each training unit lasts between 30-40 minutes. For execution of exercises you need a big enough space and a wooden pole or barbell. As mentioned above, you can start this training program without any prior experience - once you buy this program we will provide you with videos of correct techniques and executions of different lifts.

We know that every beginning is difficult, but we also strongly believe that it can be made much easier with the right professional support. That is why we are adding a special bonus to this training program for everyone who buys it - ONE remote video review. You will receive specialized and personalized help in the form of email support, sent to you by our expert coach, which will include advice and additional exercises for elimination of mistakes made during lifting.


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  • It is essential to maximize explosive power to play almost any sport effectively. Development of explosive power requires proper methods, a lot of...

    - Daniel Rocamora,
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