Strength Builder II


Strength Explosive Power Coordination


Lower Body Core Upper Body

This is a second phase of our 8-week Strength Builder I program.

The focus in the first phase was on gaining maximal power; however the second phase is dedicated to development of explosive strength and speed. We will focus on extremely explosive exercises such as Power Snatch and Power Clean, which means the exercises for developing strength will still be a part of the program but with a lesser focus. For development of upper body explosiveness we have added another extremely explosive exercise which will represent the very core of the program.

The program is 4 weeks long and it includes 3 to 4 workout units a week. Each unit lasts between 90 and 120 minutes, depending on where in the exercise cycle you are at the given point. You will need access to the gym.

This program is physically challenging but fun nevertheless. You will train hard, learn how to do quality workouts, but you will also have plenty of rest to recover.

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    - Maja Bratkič,
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Disclaimer: Results will not come without dedication and hard work. This is not a "get explosive, fast and strong quickly" scheme. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational purposes only.