Many times it happens that the coaches of a particular sport discipline are not only responsible for technical and tactical preparation of their athletes, but also for their physical preparation. Coaches are indeed very knowledgeable; however they are not knowledgeable enough when it comes to physical features of athletes. Every strength and conditioning coach must consider the following things for the best responses of athletes:

  • Suitable placement of training units to develop explosiveness, strength and endurance into sport specific training units and the appropriate ratio of them in relation to the sport discipline;
  • Appropriate choice of training methods and exercises for a specific period and sport discipline;
  • Suitable ratio of high intensity, medium intensity and low intensity trainings;
  • Vigilant selection of quantity and frequency of exercises to develop speed, explosiveness and elastic strength, as all of the above can only be developed in a particular state;
  • Appropriate resting periods with respect to all of the above types of training, so that the athletes would not end up overtraining or worsen their extremely important physical abilities;
  • Appropriate cyclization of athletes' physical preparation throughout the whole season.


These are the important things that may not be properly installed in the training process without high professional qualifications and extensive experience.

Many times it also happens that clubs do not have the access to experienced and quality personnel who would be able to enable them satisfactory physical preparation. Furthermore there is also a problem of money and additional costs implemented onto a club that is looking into hiring an experienced, knowledgeable and respectable physical coach. Team management does not seem to be aware of just how big of an influence physical preparation has on reaching excellent results.

Let us finish this once and for all! Prepare your athletes to face the challenges of long term and strenuous season with our renowned and knowledgeable professionals at a fraction of the price you would have to pay for other renowned coaches.


How will this work?

We will prepare a physical plan for the entire season with the help of communication between your coach and our professionals. The plan will be fully adapted to your sport discipline, to your team’s and athletes’ needs. The plan will be presented in the form of a PDF file and given to each one of your athletes. When putting your plan together we will take into consideration the following things: 

  • team's off-season, pre-season or mid-season needs and goals;
  • team's prior knowledge and experience;
  • team's daily routines and schedules;
  • team's physical preparation;
  • any old or new injuries players might have.


Taking the above information into account we would be able to create an online training program, completely tailored to the team's own needs and requirements. In this program you would get

  • team's training program;
  • 2 additional versions of training program for players with special requirements;
  • phone and/or email communication between the coach of the team and our coach;
  • advice on setting personal and specific goals;
  • cyclical optimization of your peak physical preparation at specific times;
  • access to our video library where all of our exercises’ techniques are explained.


Our coaches provide personalized training designed to develop your explosiveness, speed, jumping and hitting (throwing) power, as well as to develop your maximal power and help you build lean muscle mass.

Please note that for the purpose of service quality, we can only take on a limited amount of clients. Please contact us for detailed information.



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Disclaimer: Results will not come without dedication and hard work. This is not a "get explosive, fast and strong quickly" scheme. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational purposes only.