Free online training tutorials are great, however they only provide you with generic advice of how you should exercise, what your nutrition regime should be and what exercises you should do to achieve certain results, however the fact is that advice is aimed at large masses of people. Those free online tutorials do not take into consideration your individual needs, predispositions, abilities or your daily schedule. And what is more, they are not tailored for helping you reach your individual fitness goals.

You as an athlete have very specific and clear goals regarding where you want to go and what you want to achieve in your athletic career; that is why we are offering you a chance to get your own personalised online training program. By using our knowledge and expertise we would create your very own unique online training program that would take into consideration the following things:

  • your very own off-season, pre-season or mid-season needs and goals;
  • your prior knowledge and experience;
  • your daily routines and schedules;
  • your physical preparation;
  • any old or new injuries you might have.


Taking the above information into account we would be able to create an online training program, completely tailored to your own needs and requirements. In your program you would get:

  • personalized training program;
  • email communication between you and your coach;
  • advice on setting personal and specific goals;
  • cyclical optimization of your peak physical preparation if needed at specific times;
  • access to our video library where all of our exercises' techniques are explained;
  • remote video review subscription.


Our coaches provide personalized training designed to develop your explosiveness, speed, jumping and hitting (throwing) power, as well as to develop your maximal power and help you build lean muscle mass.

Please note that for the purpose of service quality, we can only take on a limited amount of clients. Please contact us for detailed information.



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    - Maja Bratkič,
    Triple jump athlete

Disclaimer: Results will not come without dedication and hard work. This is not a "get explosive, fast and strong quickly" scheme. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational purposes only.