Oliver Batagelj

Since he was a boy, Oliver excelled in everything that required being active – from child's plays of Tig and Dodgeball to PE lessons at school. Mesmerised by the new world he found himself in whilst being active sparked an increased desire for adrenalin rushes, higher physical activation and further excitement. After years of playing basketball in his early teenage years, he became interested in systematic training and took up athletics at the age of 18. Due to his extremely high and fast-developing physical potentials he managed to join top Slovenian Junior League within the very first year of his sports career. Later he successfully continued his career at a Senior level, winning 7 national champion titles in triple jump, conquering his personal record of 16,03m, and enumerate some great successes in international competitions as a member of Slovenian National Team.

Following a devastating injury that ended his professional athlete career he decided to become athletics coach. He took care of the physical preparation of athletes from different disciplines, majority of whom achieved outstanding success on national as well as international level. He has also worked as a physical trainer of different sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis etc. Oliver currently works as President of Nova Gorica Athletic Club.



Oliver has been successfully transferring his love for athletics and a wealth of his knowledge, gained in over 30 years of being an active athlete and trainer, to his protégé athletes who are eagerly looking for progression in their physical preparation. If anyone knows how to prepare an athlete to reach a new and higher level of physical preparation, he is certainly the one. He alone has tried out a lot of different methods and discovered which of those are operating well and which do not, and this knowledge gave him valuable insight into what works best for an individual as well as for different sports. He is helping to create success stories with his protégés, he is pushing them right to their very physical and psychological limits, showing them they can reach the goals they have only dreamt about before. 

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