Matija Brlas

Croatian born Matija is a former volleyball and beach volleyball player with multiple Croatia Beach Volleyball champion titles. Since retiring from his volleyball career a few years ago he discovered his new passion - Olympic weightlifting. He is training under the watchful eye of Zvonimir Hudak at the Weightlifting club Metalac Zagreb.

He is a current and very much active Olympic weightlifter competing on national and international level. He developed his lifting talent extremely quickly, and now he is one of the top weightlifters in the country. His goal is to improve his strength, power and speed, so he can set his new personal records in Olympic biathlon.

Matija is really smart, witty, funny and entertaining individual with heaps of knowledge about Olympic weightlifting and building strength. He wants to share his passion and knowledge with other like-minded people. 

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  • I have been competing in the decathlon for many years. I train regularly following the verified methods of Explosive Strength Academy and my results...

    - Urban Čehovin,
    State champion in decathlon

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