Andrej Grut

I am a professional volleyball player currently playing for Slovakian champions from the city of Nitra.

For the majority of my professional career I have been playing for teams fighting for the national title every single year. I have also been participating in different European cups, including Champions League.

I had the opportunity to play against the best players in the world and I came to notice one extremely clear and interesting thing: most of the athletes on the highest level of sport were physically dominant. And the conclusion followed - the better you were prepared physically, the higher you could climb the ladder; and you could achieve so much more.

At that point, however, my abilities were completely contrary – my body could not move fast enough, I could not jump high enough or spike as powerful as others did.

To improve that, I invested a lot of my energy and free time into research and educating myself and experimenting with different workout methods. I also tried out different accessories like ES (electro stimulation), body cooling (cooling glove), and so on. I addition to all that, I completely changed my eating habits; I started to control what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat.

Admittingly I have made a lot of mistakes regarding my physical preparation throughout my sports career. It was a necessary learning process I had to go through, so I could learn what works best and what does not, what is important and what not, from my own experience.



Throughout my sports career I met coaches and athletes who knew a lot about physical preparation, and who lived by the unwritten sports rule: “Be the best you can be physically”. I learned from them, we exchanged many experiences, and I became good friends and sporting partners with some of them. Meanwhile, I also fell in love with athletics and Olympic weightlifting. Every summer, when the volleyball season comes to an end, you can find me either at the stadium or in the gym.

Today I am 32 and physically better prepared than ever before, and I am capable of playing volleyball at a completely new level. Sometimes I can not help but wonder how my career would have developed if I had this knowledge at the very start of my career in my late teens, or if I had a coach who would have lead me through proper physical preparation. However, this is the exact thought that inspired me and my partners to create this website. We want to share the knowledge and experiences we have gained as professional athletes with other athletes who are in the need of proper support, inspiration and guidance.

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